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Eric Peacock

Media Designer, Artist, Musician, Photographer

Collaborative Album Release

I had the pleasure of participating in the eighth Wig Out album project during the COVID-19 pandemic. To date all of the Wig Out albums are generated via a remote "Exquisite Corpse" process, and each album project has specific rules. In this case we did the usual collaborative hand-offs for specific tracks, but also came up with one individual "KYJAS" track by each member.

As it would happen I also ended up doing the cover art.

The album is available to listen on most streaming music services.

The Wig Out - Keep Your Joy A Secret cover artwork by Eric Peacock
The Wig Out - Keep Your Joy A Secret. Original cover artwork by Eric Peacock

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  1. The Wig Out

    Socially-distanced band for COVID times

  2. Marrow

    I helped make this psychological indie drama about ordinary horror

    I also designed and built the film's web site which still exists as a neat little time capsule.

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